Harvey Taylor Hypnotherapy in BournemouthHello. I’m Harvey Taylor, Trainer, Coach, Therapist and Hypnotherapist, now based in Shrewsbury. Everyone has to deal with challenges so why not benefit from the mind’s power to generate positive solutions? The videos, therapies, training and coaching I provide help you simplify the way you think, solve problems and develop positive habits. My approach puts you firmly in the driving seat of your mind, your body and your life. If you are serious about resolving any of the following problems call now. It is always simpler than you think:

1. I want to stop feeling so anxious/depressed/angry all the time

2. I have this really bad habit I want to get rid of but it’s been bugging me for years.

3. I want to quit smoking or manage my weight without endlessly obsessing about cigarettes and/or food

4.I want to resolve relationship/family issues/business/work problems positively and build exciting and creative relationships.

5. I want to improve my health / my performance

Just pick up the phone or contact Harvey Taylor now to apply for your first session.

I am fully insured and highly experienced. Check out my qualifications and accreditations here. Whatever your problem call me now on 07974 228396 or contact me via e mail to apply for your first session.

My commitment to you as a professional trainer, coach and therapist is to enable you to assert your independence and empower you to achieve whatever you want to achieve positively and sustainably.

Here’s Harvey to tell you all about it.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Julie Ashworth says:

    Hello Harvey,
    Thank you very much for today’s workshop. I found the day interesting and often amusing, which I put down to your delivery: you have a deft touch! I now have lots to think about.

    Please would you put me on your list to download the NLP programme.



  2. Sandra says:

    Hi Harvey
    Are you still going ahead with the 8th March? Just wondering how many are signed up and what you’ve decided to cover on the day….?

    Sandra x

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