When the Fear Goes Away

Paul McKenna Harvey Taylor Dr Ron RudenWhen the Fear Goes Away is my own way of describing the effects of a new therapy called Havening ADT. This stunningly effective therapy is the consequence of ten years of research and practice by two remarkable people, Dr Ronald Ruden and Paul McKenna.

In a separate post I will be explaining the neuro-scientific mechanisms that underpin this remarkable development but for now I simply want to describe the damage caused by fear  and what happens when it goes away forever.

For some fear is unremitting, intense and soul destroying. People who are traumatised by war, rape, violence, disease and accidents often find themselves living with heightened tension and vigilance. They cannot go to certain places or be with people. Some experience flashbacks whilst others become compulsive, even seeking to repeat the original experience in a desperate but unconsciously driven attempt to find an escape route the next time around. It is common to experience panic attacks in which the sufferer feels unable to breathe and is convinced they are dying. The fear of having a panic attack rapidly builds upon the original often inexplicable fear heightening the sense of inescapability still further.

In less extreme instances the onset of fear may have a specific focus or simply creep up on us gradually. For example, many people are afraid of public speaking or networking. I once ran away from an Institute of Directors meeting simply because I was confronted with a sea of men in grey suits. I knew it did not make sense but I physically felt compelled to leave. I once met someone who had a phobia of giraffes. She lived in Somerset; not a part of the world noted for its vast herds of grazing giraffes.

Irrational though these phobias and anxieties may be, they can have highly distressing long term effects. Untreated phobias often generalise into more extensive anxiety disorders and in some cases people become housebound and chronically depressed as a consequence.

For many more there is what I call ‘simple fear’. This is not to discount the effects such fears have on the millions whose lives are held back by such fears. Simple fear is often part of an unconscious pattern of thinking, feeling and responding which eats away at our capacity to achieve and to be the person we would love to be. Many associate responsibility with stress and because of such limiting beliefs lead stunted, incomplete lives. Who among us has not been held back at one time or another by a fear failure? Millions hold back from making commitments in a relationship. I have personally avoided making ‘phone calls or visiting prospective clients to the detriment of my business. I have not asked people for money when I really deserve and want and need to be paid.

These fears might be simple and common but they also have the potential to marginalise lives, to keep us trapped on the fringes of our true potential and to sap our energy and enthusiasm for life in all its abundant possibilities.

So if you know what I am talking about begin to imagine, now, what it is like when the fear finally goes away. Imagine how liberated you will feel in the sudden absence of chronic fear. It is almost impossible to describe what an impact this has.

Dr Ronald Ruden and Paul McKenna have worked out a neuro-scientifically verified set of techniques for helping all of us to achieve the elimination of all unnecessary fear.  They have worked with thousands of clients and created a process which when applied professionally and with positive care and intention is almost infallible. Not only that, it can often be achieved in just a few sessions of therapy and in some cases in just a few minutes. Not only does Havening ADT have the capacity to eliminate fear, it also provides a powerful means to focus on and access your personal strengths and resources, to create real focus and purpose in your life; to achieve all the things you have always known deep down that you are capable of.

Now I know, because I too have highly sensitive and exquisitely attuned bullshit antennae that some of you reading this will be thinking snake oil, voodoo, and pseudo-science of the kind that the positive psychology business is all too often guilty of.

You will want to read the science and you will not take my word for it. Dr Ruden’s book which includes extensive references is cited at the bottom of this post. But before you grab your dictionary of neuropsychology and get down to a good challenging read, let me tell you what a difference Havening ADT has already made to me personally.

I now ask people directly for business without fear or inhibition. Since my first experiences of Havening ADT a few months ago I have won new business and have a real sense of direction. But this does not even begin to describe how I feel. Some of you may have felt like this all your lives and if so all I can say is that I am very happy for you. If, like me, you have not felt like this all your life, just imagine for a moment what it is really like when the fear  goes away because that is what happens. It just disappears. There is no doubt, no internal debate, no uncertainty, just clarity, calmness and focus.

For me there is no greater purpose in life than releasing fearless people into the wild to achieve stunning successes, make great discoveries and elevate the quality of life for all.

So here is what I have to offer.

I was trained by Dr Ruden and Paul McKenna in the first ever cohort of health care professionals to learn Havening ADT.

If you know someone who is trapped by their own fear no matter how mild or severe, I am offering sessions now at my office in Bournemouth. I am also offering a 100% watertight money back guarantee. If you do not feel free from unnecessary fear by the end of our agreed number of sessions you can have all the money back. No questions asked.

Call me on 07974 2283956 or use the contact form here.

Here’s the book:

When the Past Is Always Present: Emotional Traumatization, Causes, and Cures (Routledge Psychosocial Stress Series) Ronald A. Ruden

About Harvey Taylor

Hi. I'm Harvey Taylor. I moved to Shrewsbury in September 2021. These days I am mainly focused on creating art, writing and telling stories for children and adults, performing mad poetry and delivering public speaking. You can find some of my old, and most of of my recent output at harveytaylor.uk There will also be any updates there about upcoming events. I also created Richard the Bear and soon there will be more Richard the Bear stories and art available at this site too. I also look after an elephant called Uncle Oojah who celebrated his 100th anniversary on 18th Feb 2019. Check out www.uncleoojah.com
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