Why every team needs monthly hypnosis


Radiant Brain Cell Connections

Every team needs monthly hypnosis.

Why? Focus.

One of the biggest causes of lost productivity in the UK is hyper-activism; the notion that if I work hard and sweat a lot, get stressed and rush around like a demented wombat then I am doing something useful. And yes, at times, some high octane, adrenalin fuelled hyper-activity can be very productive. But only if it is focused.

I blame Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans (great band name, by the way). They introduced the ridiculous notion that hard work and suffering are virtuous. Well maybe hard work and suffering will get you to a Puritan version of heaven (good luck), but they will not help you to become the lean, mean, high contributing team you want.

It does not matter whether you are a team of financial advisers, a charity delivering food to starving people in Ethiopia, a high-tech creative business operating out of a shed, or a double-glazing sales team.

Without focus you are doomed to a life of miserably unproductive stress.

Here’s the other part of the problem.

People think ‘radiantly’.

They start in the middle and then they spot connections. The connections radiate out in all directions AND in all dimensions. Imagine you are the centre of a sphere. Your thoughts radiate out in all three spatial dimensions and as time goes on so that your energy literally becomes dissipated over space and time.

With each new thought, a new universe of thought begins. You are creating your own virtual space-time universes inside your head.

Great fun and often useful, when you need ideas. I love it.

But it is not focused.

To create focus we need regular, consistent, intense input rather than output.

There isn’t space to explain in detail how hypnosis works in a group context to create this focus. In simple terms, it aligns all the individual’s senses with team vision and goals in a richly sensory and vivid manner. It allows us to make the vision and goals compelling, inspirational and entirely tangible. It infuses the whole process with excitement.

If you would like a free trial with your team, I just need to come and clarify your vision and goals with you and then I need half an hour with your team.

If you love it, you can get me back once a month to reinforce and revitalise the focus for your team. Or you can come and sit in the chair and I will teach you how to do it yourself because if you are investing many thousands of pounds to employ excellent people then shouldn’t you spend a few hundred a year ensuring they are all pointing in the right direction?

About Harvey Taylor

Hi. I'm Harvey Taylor. I moved to Shrewsbury in September 2021. These days I am mainly focused on creating art, writing and telling stories for children and adults, performing mad poetry and delivering public speaking. You can find some of my old, and most of of my recent output at harveytaylor.uk There will also be any updates there about upcoming events. I also created Richard the Bear and soon there will be more Richard the Bear stories and art available at this site too. I also look after an elephant called Uncle Oojah who celebrated his 100th anniversary on 18th Feb 2019. Check out www.uncleoojah.com
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