Something Completely Different

Today is Saturday so you have an extra minute or two. So just stop. Just for an extra minute or two. Stop what you are doing and consider. There are things you have been thinking, feeling, or doing for a while now… a few days or weeks, a few months, maybe even for years. And most of them work. They are what make you the success that you are in one context or another.

And then there are a few things that you think or feel or do that no longer work. Maybe they never did. Maybe they worked once but now that you are older, wiser, or just in a different place, they are not just NOT working. They are causing you a problem. You just want them to stop. It’s time to do something different. So what stopping you?

There are only two reasons we persist in doing things that do not work. Habits. And a desire to feel good now.  So here is how you stop a redundant pattern dead in its tracks. It is called a ‘pattern interrupt’ and it is one of the most effective and fun things you can do to improve your life dramatically.

Warning: this video contains live, adult underwear.

About Harvey Taylor

Hi. I'm Harvey Taylor. I moved to Shrewsbury in September 2021. These days I am mainly focused on creating art, writing and telling stories for children and adults, performing mad poetry and delivering public speaking. You can find some of my old, and most of of my recent output at There will also be any updates there about upcoming events. I also created Richard the Bear and soon there will be more Richard the Bear stories and art available at this site too. I also look after an elephant called Uncle Oojah who celebrated his 100th anniversary on 18th Feb 2019. Check out
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2 Responses to Something Completely Different

  1. Harvey, thanks for a great and timely video. I love your style. Keep doing it. Rosie

    • Harvey Taylor says:

      Hi Rosie. Great to hear from you and thank you for watching/commenting. If you fancy being in a one video tip let me know and I will happily do one or two for you. Looking to get guest speakers and you would be great.

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