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Is violence inevitable? Why we need to teach children assertiveness.

For me, political action and therapy are often inseparable. As a therapist I am committed to helping everyone live positive, productive lives.  A key activity in achieving this is fostering independent and assertive mind-sets, especially in young people.  I have also always been aware of … Continue reading

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Unfinished Tuna Mind Map

Schubert, Mahler, Bruckner, Elgar, Borodin… they all did it. Or rather, they didn’t. They did not finish their tenth (or third) symphonies. I’m ok for now because I have not started my first yet, but it occurred to me that some … Continue reading

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Start the New Year With a Tuna!

Alternatively start the New Year however you want to so long as it makes you go ‘wow’. (I was going to say ‘WOW!’ but I know that would be pushing it a bit too far too quickly for some of … Continue reading

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