Start the New Year With a Tuna!

Harvey Taylor Hypnotherapy TunaAlternatively start the New Year however you want to so long as it makes you go ‘wow’. (I was going to say ‘WOW!’ but I know that would be pushing it a bit too far too quickly for some of you.) We will be starting the New Year with a WOW! on 18th January with a fun packed, learning packed workshop here in Bournemouth. Follow the Tuna to BOOK NOW.

The thing is, I like the sense of achievement we all get when we achieve something. It really doesn’t matter what it is. On 1st Jan this year I completed a painting of tuna which I began back in August last year.

It makes me go ‘WOW!’ every time I see it. I don’t even care if that is arrogant. I know most people think I am mad anyway so who gives a fish? To me, New Year is the time to focus on what you want to achieve and how you want to be in the world and to imagine yourself being so. Vividly.

Most importantly, begin now to act ‘AS IF’ you already are the way you want to be. If you want to be happy start acting as if you are. If you want to be kind start acting kind. If you want to be fit, start acting as if you are fit.

And keep it up. If you can ‘pretend’ for 5 minutes’ you can ‘pretend’ for 10 and if you can act ‘as if’ for 10 minutes you might as well do 30. And if you can do 30 you might as well do an hour… 2 hours… a morning… a day…2 days etc… all the way up until 31 Dec 2014.

Who cares what other people think? Who cares how ‘realistic’ you are being? I am not suggesting you imagine something stupid, like winning the lottery. I am saying ‘act as if you are already being the person you would love to be’.

Forget about what anyone else thinks. Whatever makes you feel ‘wow’ is what is right for you. I know some people hit a wall of self-doubt and limiting beliefs at this stage and it is quite normal to do so, but it is not useful to you. Forget, for now, about all the obstacles and barriers and just focus on the prize. Act ‘as if’ and you start to move in that direction. Imagination and optimism are essential but the key is ACTION.

I knew the moment I got up on 1st January that I was going to achieve something and all day I acted ‘as if’ I was and here it is! It’s quite a big painting and it took me most of the day although I did also decide to act as if I was kind and calm and not at all stroppy or stressed all day (and mostly succeeded I think).

I know some of you will say … yeah, it’s a picture of tuna. That’s ok. You don’t have to get your ‘wow’ from my fish. Get your own ‘wows’. They don’t even have to be fish-based.

If you want to see the real picture in all it’s glory (and it is big) then you can have a special viewing at the next workshop on 18th January here in Harvey’s Hut in Bournemouth. We are going to be doing all kinds of exciting things with memory, massage, generating positive states and building positive beliefs. But mostly we will be reinforcing our capacity to act as if e are being the people we want to be and achieving the things we want to achieve. For more details and to BOOK now follow the links.

Have a great 2014!

About Harvey Taylor

Hi. I'm Harvey Taylor. I moved to Shrewsbury in September 2021. These days I am mainly focused on creating art, writing and telling stories for children and adults, performing mad poetry and delivering public speaking. You can find some of my old, and most of of my recent output at There will also be any updates there about upcoming events. I also created Richard the Bear and soon there will be more Richard the Bear stories and art available at this site too. I also look after an elephant called Uncle Oojah who celebrated his 100th anniversary on 18th Feb 2019. Check out
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