Unfinished Tuna Mind Map

The Great Harvey Taylor Hypnotherapy Learning Tuna Fish Mind Map Stage 1Schubert, Mahler, Bruckner, Elgar, Borodin… they all did it. Or rather, they didn’t. They did not finish their tenth (or third) symphonies. I’m ok for now because I have not started my first yet, but it occurred to me that some people who like to worry about things might be concerned that I have been promoting my unfinished tuna mind map for some morbid reason.

Is he on his last fins? Is this his final, unfinished swansong? His last great tuna?

Relax. It is kind of you, but actually there is a positive reason for publicising something that isn’t ready yet.

It makes it more likely that it will be ready in time.

Making a public commitment significantly increases the chances of seeing something through. In this instance what will be ready in time  is the great tuna mind map for my workshop next week. Everyone attending is going to receive a finished copy and I am aiming to make it stunning.

The subject of the great tuna mind map is learning. The purpose of the great tuna mind map is to capture the whole of next Saturday’s workshop in one dramatic and inspiring piece of art.

So at this time of year when so many of us renew our focus and make decisions about what we want to achieve and how we want our lives to improve, making a public commitment is a really positive thing to do.

Of course it is a risk. Once you go public there is always the chance you’ll end up with tuna roe all over your face. And the bigger the challenge you have committed to, the bigger the risk. Next week I will be sticking my neck out on a massive commitment.

On the plus side we should all remember that four tuna favours the brave. And for tuning up your future, the Four Tuna of Nirvana could help you to create the fortune you truly aspire to.  To find out what the Four Tuna of Nirvana are you will need to get in touch, or even come and join us next week on 18th Jan.

Meanwhile, feel free to speculate. You can take my unfinished tuna and turn it into something of your own. You could even make up your own mind maps for your chosen futures. Send me a link and I will certainly post them here.

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Here are details of the NLP, Memory and Massage Workshop in next week on Sat 18th Jan 2014 at Harvey’s Hypnotherapy Hut in Bournemouth. BOOK here.

About Harvey Taylor

Hi. I'm Harvey Taylor. I live in Bournemouth with my wife and children. I run several websites. At www.fixmyproblemnow.com you will find everything you need to know about the coaching, therapy, training and hypnotherapy services I provide in Bournemouth and anywhere else in the world, as well as a whole host of useful information and support. If you are specifically interested in hypnotherapy go to www.harveyhypnosis.com At www.harveytaylorsblog.com you will find poetry, stories, rants and suggestions for surviving and thriving in the Age of Bullsh*t. I also curate Uncle Oojah who celebrated his 100th anniversary this year 18th Feb 2019. Check out www.uncleoojah.com
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