Sports Hypnosis – Sandra Hewson and the Barcelona Ironman

So excited about this. Sandra Hewson, my persojnal trainer and the best masseuse in THE world is competing in the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona on 4 October 2015. She very kindly asked me to help her with her mental preparation and somehow we just got carried away and now we are doing a video blog.

This is the first in a series of videos over the  next six months. You will not only be able to watch Sandra’s training regimes but we are also going to be doing lots of NLP modelling of the best triathletes we can pin down, live sports hypnosis videos and meeting hundreds of wonderful people involved in the organisation of some really amazing events and of course fundraising for charity.

This is our opening video which we shot at Sandra’s first official preparation event for the Ironman. This is the Bournemouth Eastcliff Rotary Club Easter Quarter Marathon. More fun than you can have with a seagull on a beach in April!


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