More on Sports Hypnosis and the Ironman

As you may know I am tracking local athlete, Sandra Hewson, as she prepares for the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona this coming October, 2015. Over the next few weeks I will be posting videos of Sandra’s progress.

Sports hypnosis has the capacity to create new neural pathways which build athletes’ confidence, allowing them to access precisely constructed states of mind. It enables them to build mental resilience, overcome unexpected challenges and sustain focus. Recent developments in neuroscience have demonstrated that vividly imagining a pattern of responses and actions triggers similar synaptic changes in the brain as the corresponding, real live experience. Sandra and I will be utilising this process to help  her as she trains over the next six months.

More than this, the wholeprocess is a wonderful opportunity to make connections, meet some wonderful new people and be a part of something truly inspiring.

Check out Sandra’s Ironman Barcelona Blog here.


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