It is a sobering thought that at some stage in our lives we will all be affected by the death of someone we know. For some the impact can be devastating, especially when the death is sudden or perhaps the consequence of a long illness. For others they seem to be able to take it in their stride without experiencing significant emotional turbulence.

However it affects us, people often find it useful to be able to talk about their feelings following a bereavement. There is not always anything in particular that people want to resolve beyond simply having an independent person who can demonstrate some empathy and concern. We tend to use simple, person centred counselling to support people working through bereavement combined with practical support and reference to appropriate other agencies such as Cruse who specialise in helping people who have experienced bereavement.

Occasionally, a bereavement can resurrect an old, unresolved issue and at these times we are on hand to help with support, therapy and advice to help people move on. What is important is that people have the time and space to grieve effectively without either being made to feel bad about this or getting stuck.

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