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What happens when you stop smoking?

We all know what can happen if you keep smoking. But what happens when you stop? How long does it take to recover? And just how far can you go in recovering from the adverse effects of this miserable habit? … Continue reading

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Who’s in Charge

Getting to Grips with Nominative Determinism What is a name? Not something you hold Not something you put in a bucket Names do not come in boxes or arrive on trains Though they often bring their own luggage And remain … Continue reading

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Sports Hypnosis – Sandra Hewson and the Barcelona Ironman

So excited about this. Sandra Hewson, my persojnal trainer and the best masseuse in THE world is competing in the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona on 4 October 2015. She very kindly asked me to help her with her mental preparation … Continue reading

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Start the New Year With a Tuna!

Alternatively start the New Year however you want to so long as it makes you go ‘wow’. (I was going to say ‘WOW!’ but I know that would be pushing it a bit too far too quickly for some of … Continue reading

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More Off-the-Wall Video Tips from Harvey Taylor

As you know, we are constantly looking for dynamic and interesting ways to get across our serious messages and tips about maintaining good mental health and striving for success. At times we may well go over the top and on … Continue reading

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Harvey Taylor’s One Minute Video Tip: 2nd Aug 2013

Hi and thank you for following. Please do tell your friends to follow too. Also, if you would like to appear in one of these videos or even have your own one minute slot (it’s FREE) contact me now. Today’s … Continue reading

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