Coping with Illness

A serious illness can trigger emotional as well as physical difficulties. It can be demanding for family and friends and especially devastating for younger people.

People affected often slip into a state of denial as they find the stark reality of their situation too much to handle. Others will adopt a more stoical approach but clearly everyone can benefit from support. And it is important to help everyone concerned come to terms with the reality whilst maintaining the most positive attitude possible. In fact positive beliefs, providing they are grounded in sound medical information, are a significant factor in reducing the impact of disease and eventual recovery where this is possible.

In an article for Channel Four News it was suggested that

• People who take control of their medical conditions frequently have better outcomes.

• Self-help groups can be very helpful in providing you with people to talk to who know just how you are feeling.

• Acceptance that there are some things you cannot do any more allows you to ask for the support you need.

• It is better to concentrate on what you can do than what you can no longer do.

• If you are ignoring professional medical advice, you may have a problem. Your best plan is to see a therapist to work out how you might follow a less self-destructive path.

Whether you are suffering yourself or supporting someone else, we are here to help you. Follow this link for more information and to BOOK a FREE initial consultation in our Bournemouth office with Harvey Taylor.

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