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Over the last 27 years I have helped thousands of employees and managers at all levels to overcome personal and professional challenges. Whether the problem is performance related or simply the intrusion of personal life into the workplace, I have a huge range of tools, techniques, referral points and experience to draw upon to support you and your employees. My aim is to get everyone contributing at their full capacity in the shortest time-frame possible.

Having worked with British Telecom, Nestlé, Waitrose, Cobham, Lloyds Bank, Screwfix, Kent Constabulary and hundreds of smaller, local businesses, I know how costly employee difficulties can be not just for the business but in personal terms for managers and colleagues.

I understand that there is a fine balance to be struck between sensitive and caring assistance for the individual and maintaining the services and productivity vital to your business. My goal is to keep employees at work and functioning at the best possible level. Often, work turns out to be the one stable element in an otherwise turbulent and unpredictable period of life for an individual.

As a management trainer over the last 27 years I have also facilitated conflict resolution across a wide range of workplace environments.

Whether you commission me to support or coach individuals, work with a team or help to enhance a manager/ employee relationship, my sole purpose is to get people working at maximum capacity in a way that is positive and blame free for everyone concerned.

I am fully insured for both professional indemnity and public liability. My company employee assistance programmes are customised to your specific needs and the whole process is highly flexible.

For more information and to BOOK an initial meeting without obligation please contact Harvey Taylor or call 07974 228396.

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