We run a few events from time to time. Primarily we provide NLP programmes. NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It was developed in the 1970s long before the current craze for all things neurological. What has been amazing over the last decade or so is to watch how many key elements of NLP are being vindicated and reinforced by discoveries in neuroscience. The NLP programmes we run are more than just programmes for therapists and practitioners. They are aimed at people in all walks of life, all professions and of all dispositions. In short NLP is a way of being in the world; a total flexibility of attitude and the means by which everyone can thrive in line with their own unique values.

We also run weight management seminars and events. Harvey Taylor and Lee Vallely join forces to provide simple, hypnotic and sustainable regimes to help you achieve the level of fitness, health and dynamism you aspire to, whatever your current shape, size and age.

Harvey also works with a range of other professional associates. Having been a trainer and facilitator in leadership, management and personal development for well over 20 years now, Harvey has a huge wealth of experience. If you have ever wondered what a Hypnotic Team Day would be like, call Harvey now on 07974 228396 or use the contact form.

Harvey also has a first class honours in Creative Arts and periodically puts on puppet shows and performance poetry evenings. Watch this space for more information. To stay in touch follow the blog posts and sign up for the Harvey Taylor Weekly Newsletter.

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