Exam/School Anxiety

The pressures on children are now greater than ever. A recent British Psychological Society article warned of parental complacency about the extent of childhood worries.

Fortunately, we have the antidote. You might want to chat it through first before bringing your children along for a series of sessions though.

The fact is, childhood anxiety is growing and it can have long-term consequences. Detaching learning and development from stress does require something of a change in beliefs as well as some simple hypnotherapy for breaking the habits. The good news is it can be done relatively quickly and with very little effort once you decide to go ahead.

If you knew that your child could achieve to the limits of their potential and be relaxed in the process you would go for it, right?

I offer a FREE initial consultation to all parents and carers. I am fully CRB checked and work to General Hypnotherapy Standards Council guidelines.

Give me a call now and come and have a chat before making a commitment. You never know. Your child may be eternally grateful to you!

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