Harvey Taylor on Paul McKenna’s ‘I Can Make You Thin’.

Love him or hate him, Paul McKenna is without doubt the most successful and influential hypnotherapist of our generation. In this short video I give a brief explanation of why I rate his weight management system above all others. I personally lost 20lbs on this system and have never got it back. What is brilliant is that I am not on a diet and I do not obsess about food or count calories.

If you are serious about sustainable weight management, watch this now. If you would like help implementing Paul McKenna’s system do please contact me now. The link to the book is below the video.

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This post, ‘The Self Compassion Diet’ from Psychology Tomorrow also looks interesting in terms of mindfulness and how this supports healthy, stress-free eating.

Remember too that you can book a FREE initial consultation anytime. If you would like to achieve healthy weight loss sustainably come and have a chat.

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