Let’s face it, insomnia is a pain in the butt. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. So before we get too complicated about this, it might just be a lot simpler than you think. Check out this one minute quick tip on how to manage insomnia, because you never know….

Sleep is essential to health. When we sleep well our bodies repair damage and we create new neurological connections which allow us to learn. When we sleep well we can awaken with feelings of optimism, energy and well being. When sleep is disturbed it can be easy to slip into self-fulfilling patterns of negativity and sleeplessness.

As many as 30% of all adults experience some degree of insomnia at some time. For some this can become a long term problem if left untreated. Insomnia can be a short term issue in response to unusual work pressures, jet lag, or bereavement. Insomnia can also arise as a consequence of another condition such as depression, pain, drug/alcohol abuse, or anxiety.

Insomnia is also experienced in a number of different ways:

(i) difficulty getting to sleep
(ii) going to sleep, waking up and then finding it hard to get back to sleep again
(iii) waking up too early in the morning, sometimes with negative thoughts, and not being able to sleep again

Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating insomnia. It works by helping you to establish more effective sleep patterns, installing better ways of responding if you are disturbed in the night and by addressing any underlying conditions.

Follow this link for more information and to BOOK a FREE initial consultation in our Bournemouth office with Harvey Taylor.

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