NLP Training

Harvey Taylors Brain Cell

Harvey Taylor’s Brain Cell, knitted by his big sister, Rose, especially for the Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Master Courses in Bournemouth

For the next few months in 2014 we are running one day events by way of an introduction to NLP. Once we have enough people interested we will schedule the next full programme. You can check out programme details below.

Meanwhile here is the link to the next one day event on 8 March 2014, ‘Time to Get Creative’.

Follow this link to find out more about Harvey Taylor NLP Programmes now on eventbrite.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is more than a simple set of techniques; it is a way of being. It is the attitude that anything is possible and that if one person can do something anyone can learn to do it.

Originally engineered by Richard Bandler, John Grinder and several others in the 1970’s, NLP used a technique called modelling to discover the structure behind success. At first Bandler and Grinder modelled people such as the legendary hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson. Subsequently NLPers went on to model successful people in all walks of life.

I use NLP in the therapy work I  do with individuals. I use it in management and personal development training and also with teachers and school students to enhance engagement and to create ever more successful learning strategies. I also use NLP as a parent and foster parent to enable my kids to develop strong, confident and positive, flexible attitudes that will allow them to achieve whatever they set out to achieve.

The NLP training programmes I provide are fully accredited and certificated by the Society of NLP of which Dr Richard Bandler is the president. The fundamental aim of the training programmes is to build flexibility and strategies that work into every field of endeavour that my students engage with. So whether you are a business person, a therapist, a parent, a professional or an educator, NLP has a huge amount to offer.

You can BOOK a place on the Harvey Taylor NLP Practitioner Programme here.
You can BOOK your place on the NLP Master Practitioner here. 

Please note to be eligible for the master practitioner you must have completed your practitioner level first.

For more information follow this link or call Harvey on 07974 228396. Multiple bookings discounts may apply.

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