Personalised Hypnotherapy Recordings

From January 2017 my policy is to record EVERY session you attend. There are significant benefits to you in doing so.

First you get to listen back to the recording whenever you want to. This not only reinforces the changes you have made, it helps you to move to an external perspective and listen to yourself as if you were a third party. This in itself can have tremendous therapeutic value. Heard from this third party position, the thinking habits of a lifetime can suddenly lose their grip on you. Free from your limiting thoughts you create new ways of thinking and thus experience more resourceful feelings which allow you to act in highly positive and productive ways.

And years later, if for some random reason you find yourself triggered back into the old patterns, you have an immediately accessible resource to nip this in the bud before it can take hold.

Call me, Harvey Taylor, on 07974 228396 or use the contact form to request a FREE initial consultation.

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