Sexual Issues


This can be a distressing condition for men and for their partners. Before commencing hypnotherapy it makes sense to check that there is no physiological cause. If you awaken with an erection each morning then any erectile dysfunction is ‘situation specific’ and is almost certainly associated with some form of current or past anxiety. If you do not awaken with an erection then please do visit your doctor who will arrange the necessary tests. Hypnotherapy will address any underlying anxieties and help you to relax in order to resolve this issue positively.   premature ejaculation   Premature ejaculation is common, especially amongst younger men. This can be addressed through hypnotherapy. It is sometimes linked to anxiety around sex and relationships. Hypnotherapy works because we help you to resolve any limiting beliefs you might be harbouring about sex and relationships and address your anxiety as well as teaching you how to relax, both at a conscious and also an unconscious level.


Vaginismus is a muscular contraction of the vagina which can make intercourse painful and even prevent penetration altogether. The usual cause is some form of anxiety. This may have arisen due to a specific incident in the past or be a consequence of some unhelpful beliefs and fears about sex and relationships. If you have had a medical check up and there is no underlying physical reason for the involuntary muscular contraction which leads to vaginismus hypnotherapy can help you to address the underlying psychological causes and allow you to learn to relax and enjoy your relationship fully.


Anorgasmia is the condition whereby you are unable to achieve orgasm. Sometimes this occurs alongside vaginismus but it can also occur even though you are enjoying sexual intercourse. Inability to reach orgasm may have a physiological origin but if you have had a medical check and there is no underlying physical cause, hypnotherapy can help. As with vaginismus, the origin of this condition is typically anxiety and/or unhelpful beliefs. By addressing the source of anxiety and helping you to relax there is every chance you will learn to resolve the problem quickly and comfortably.

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