As a father of three teenagers they frequently scare the living daylights out of me. But the one thing I have learnt is that however we as parents and they as teens are currently making sense of the world there is always a much better way of thinking about it. In fact there are an infinite number of ways of interpreting anything and this is something all teens need to learn.

I am passionate about helping people through these challenging years (teens, parents and even teachers) partly because my own teenage years were so challenging. I offer lots of free advice, practical support, referrals and even act as an advocate if you want me to.

Making the transition from childhood to adulthood involves a wide range of physical, social and psychological challenges. As adults we may quickly forget just how demanding these challenges can be and of course each generation faces new situations and difficulties which we simply have little or no experience of.

It’s easy to attribute negative meanings to teenage thoughts, feelings and behaviours both for parents and teenagers. We will work with you separately or together, as appropriate, to help you maintain positive and functional relationships. By identifying negative patterns of interaction and individual behaviours we will help you develop greater flexibility. Hypnotherapy can support the process, providing everyone concerned with the calmness and resilience to work through all the challenges of growing up.

The ultimate goal for every adolescent is to become an independent, autonomous adult capable of taking initiative in one’s own interests and with a set of values that adds to rather than detracts from the sum total of social wealth. This is no easy task.

Here’s a great article from Psychology Today on the kinds of experiences which ultimately help teenagers to negotiate these challenges.

And here is possibly the most important research based advice anyone will ever give you and your kids: The Most Important Life Lesson Older People Want Younger Ones to Know posted by Melanie Pinola on Lifehacker

Follow this link for more information about Harvey Taylor Coaching and Hypnotherapy and to BOOK a FREE initial consultation in our Bournemouth office with Harvey Taylor.

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