Time to Get Creative 8 March 2014

Harvey Taylor Hypnosis Creative Tuna

On 8 March, as part of our 2014 series of NLP workshops, we will be embarking on an exciting project to help participants significantly enhance their creativity. Many people believe creativity is something to do with talent and whilst there do seem to be some people who are born with a greater facility to create, we believe that anyone can learn to become more creative. We support a very broad definition of the word ‘creativity’ for the purposes of this workshop., You do not have to have an interest in the arts specifically although anyone who wants to draw, paint, dance, sculpt, write, or compose is welcome.

In our definition of creativity, however, we also include business, political, social, physiological and technological endeavours. We also believe that for an act to be truly creative it has to add more value than it costs, whatever the context.

To kick-start the creative process in the morning, we will be using NLP timeline therapy, visualizations, force-fitting and mindfulness.

In the second and third sessions in the afternoon delegates will get the chance to apply a range of thought exercises and hypnotic techniques to their own individual creative projects. We welcome anyone who has a coherent goal, no matter what the context or discipline. This includes therapeutic and coaching goals as well as artistic and commercial ones.

There is room for a maximum of 12 people. There may be some experienced NLP practitioners present, practising their skills. There is also space for newcomers interested in the processes from a creative, learning or therapeutic perspective. You are welcome to invite friends and/or a children if you want (preferably 13 or older). If it is over-subscribed I will do another one.

This is going to be really exciting and wonderfully positive and I am looking forward to seeing all of you here on 8th March 2014.

You can BOOK your place online at eventbrite.

Call me, Harvey Taylor, on 07974 228396 for more information.

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