Why NLP?

NLP Society LogoWhat is NLP and why would anyone buy into this?

NLP is really an attitude for a fulfilling life, backed up with a million and one techniques. It is the presupposition that you can presuppose your way to better outcomes in life and work. You can apply the principles of NLP to your own and others’ personal advantage in pretty much any field of human endeavour.

NLP is popularly used in leadership and management development, therapy and coaching, as a means of furthering your own personal development, in sales, influencing and negotiating skills training. It is also used as a basis for enhancing performance in any context including sports, music, acting, public speaking and simply as a way of optimising your personal and professional resources to achieve the outcomes you aspire to achieve.

So why do I persist with NLP?

NLP saved me from a life of unconscious self-sabotage and the never ending soap opera of ungoverned emotions, thoughts and behaviours. It has helped me to thrive as a freelance trainer and therapist for ten years supporting a family and mortgage. NLP also provided me with the mind-set through which I was able to learn how to exploit my talents and capacity to make a positive difference in the world, especially within my own family.

 There are hundreds of NLP ‘courses’ in the UK.  What is special about mine?

You will get a values-based personal and professional development programme, unique exercises and techniques, lifelong support as an NLP practitioner, support for integrating your NLP skills and attitudes into your career, life and relationships, a session on ethics, free membership of my NLP Elite Group, the world’s best personality profile and report, performance poetry, mystery guests, stories, my recipe for fish stew, discounts on all future events and of course much more.

You will learn how to install NLP attitudes into every fibre of your being. It will also open your mind and go on doing so until you choose to impose limits (and no-one is going to make you choose your limits because it is your mind so it is your choice).

 So in practical terms what benefits do you get?

In 56 years of studying human behaviour (especially my own) I have discovered a small handful of qualities that make a real difference. Knowing about them does not mean you have them but they are learnable.

Here are ten qualities which people who are satisfied with their lives manifest:

 1.    They know how to focus. Having ideas and being creative is great but if it adds up to didily squat then it adds up to didily squat. I know when I create focus upon a specific, tangible goal then I am more likely to achieve it. NLP teaches you how to create and sustain your focus.

 2.    They have developed resilience and intelligent tenacity. Keeping going when things go tits-up requires courage and effort and always pays dividends. Everyone speeds up and slows down at times and healthily so. Banging your head against a brick wall, however, is not intelligent. NLP shows you how to access resilience and tenacity.

 3.    They choose to be happy in each and every moment. If you have to decide to be happy a thousand times a day then that is what it takes. Giving in to any other feelings that are not actually useful simply detracts from the sum total of happiness in your life with no gain whatsoever.

 4.    They recognise that some unpleasant emotions are actually positive and useful. Emotions are just messages. They are relevant, current and useful to you, or they are not. Once you get the message your emotions are trying to communicate to you, act on them and/or discard them and choose to be happy.

 5.    They re-frame everything positively. No-one is going to succeed in doing this 100% of the time. Aim for 99% of the time and you will make a massive difference to your outcomes and quality of life.

 6.    They can distinguish between opportunities and bullshit. This is a key life skill. NLP is not a bullshit free zone but on my programmes you learn how to distinguish between what works and wishful thinking.

 7.    They are kind and considerate. NLP does not come with its own ethical framework, but I do. We will explore the uses and abuses of NLP and show you how to be true to your own values in the world.

8.    They add more value than they cost. Value is a matter of belief. NLP will help you to clarify your own values and pursue your aspirations in this context.

9.    They know that the causes and meanings they attribute to any situation or person determine the story of their own lives.

10.  They keep learning with an attitude of total flexibility and endless curiosity. On my NLP programme you do not just learn how to learn more effectively, how to improve your memory and how to enhance your critical thinking, you learn hundreds of fascinating facts, figures, stories and techniques too.

Book your place NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner on eventbrite.

To learn more about NLP before you book call me and book a free initial chat.

There are also two easy payment options:

Option 1: Pay in instalments. I will split the cost over an agreed number of months so long as you start paying in advance of the programme and finish before it ends.

Call 07974 228396 or contact me to set this up now.

Option 2: introduce a friend or two. For everyone you bring with you, I will reduce your course fee by one third. So if you bring three people, your fee is zero.


  • In addition to the workshops you also get a 150 page manual detailing hundreds of tools and techniques
  • A comprehensive 16PF personality profile written by me
  • A one-to-one coaching session before the programme and another one after the programme
  • Free access to advice and information via e mail and telephone
  • Discounts on all my public appearances for evermore
  • A Society of NLP certificate signed by Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP


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